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This page isn't finished yet. When it is, it should have pages related to some of my interests, including classical music, literature, and soccer.

I'm keenly interested in the fortunes of my hometown soccer team, Newcastlle United. These last few seasons they've been promising greatness, first under England's most famous football son, Kevin Keegan, then under another famous player/manager, Kenny Dalgliesh. However, last  season was a bit of a disaster so Dalglish was fired and now we're trying again with Ruud Gullit.

I've been collecting first and second editions of the Bond novels recently. I've put together a page in appreciation of the cover art. All modesty aside, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I've also collected early editions of most of Ellery Queen's novels of the famous detective, and designed a page to illustrate them. (I like this page too!)